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At Home Teen Facial



200ml Enzyme Gel Cleanser

60ml Probiotic Lotion

3 x Body Blendz 2 in 1 Coffee and White Clay Exfoliating Mask capsules  

Disposable head band  


1. Cleanse your skin using the Enzyme Gel Cleanser. Repeat. Pat dry. 
2. Apply the contents of 1 Coffee & White Clay Exfoliating Mask capsules and massage in to the skin for 1 minute using circular motions.
3. Leave mask on the skin for 10mins. 
4. Rinse mask off using warm water. Pat dry. 
5. Apply Probiotic Lotion. 

This mask can be used 1-2 times a week and can also be purchased in packs of 8 separately. 

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